Anti harassment policy

In MalagaJam, we believe that everyone should feel safe during such an event. We will guarantee it, we will not ignore toxic behavior regarding harassment. If one of the participants breaks this rule against another person, that could mean the instant expulsion of the event.

Whether something or someone makes you uncomfortable or unsafe, no matter the importance of the incident, please let us know. You can talk with the MalagaJam team, which will be presented at the beginning of the weekend. These people will attend you and stand with you to make sure the incident does not happen again, and we will make decisions along with you so you can still feel safe at the event.

MalagaJam has an anti harassment policy against any type of intimidation, including and not limiting: racialization, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, corporal size , functional or sensorial diversity, religion, appearance, citizenship and pregnancy.

Harassment includes, but it is not limited to: stalk, physical or verbal intimidation, offensive comments, physical violence or aggression, taking non consensual photos,
taking control of the use of the shower areas, inappropriate physical contact, non consensual physical contact.

The organisers reserve the right of admission, also breaking this anti harassment policy might cause an expulsion of the event.