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MalagaJam is a non-profit association whose aim is promoting culture and professionalization of the videogame industry. As its name implies, it’s physically located in Málaga, where we celebrate our events.


MalagaJam was founded in 2015 with the intention of becoming the first Andalusian headquarters of the Global Jam. At the time, there were only 7 members, a number that increased over the years, until we reached our 20 current members – all of them volunteers – which make up our team in 2022.

A Game Jam is an event which normally has a 48 hours duration, where its main goal is to develop a game from its concept to its release. With that in mind, people with all capacities are welcoming. In the end, to make a game it is necessary to write, illustrate, compose or programming skill, among other things. There are those who come with a team, meanwhile others find a new group of enthusiasts to develop a videogame and have a good time during Jams.

Since 2015, MalagaJam celebrates 2 Jams per year:
One at the end of January inside the Global Game Jam frame, and the other one in July taking advantage of the welcoming weather in Málaga. This rhythm, unfortunately, was interrupted by a worldwide pandemic, but got into activities in 2022 thanks to the constant effort and hard work of the whole team. In total, more than 350 games were released from MalagaJam… and increasing!

MalagaJam has the support of public institution as Malaga’s City Council, FYCMA and Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales. Much of MalagaJam’s event are celebrated in Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales’s places, the best place to make game jams and video game industry’s activities related. Video Game Studios and companies in the industry also support MalagaJam with sponsorships, meetings and as a meeting point for new talents that want to start their professional careers developing games.

Apart from the jam’s organizations, which are the pride of our association, MalagaJam also participated in different presentations, workshops and talks in different points of the city. The main objective of these events always are to promote the different aspects of the videogame industry.

Next event
MálagaJam Weekend 17
26-28 Enero 2024
Polo Contenidos Digitales Málaga
Málaga, España
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MálagaJam Weekend 16
MálagaJam Weekend 15



If you need another resource you can contact us at info@malagajam.com


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