Weekend 16

MálagaJam has become the top one in-person game jam of Spain and Europe and the number two in the world, with participants from all around the world.

Video games are what we like the most! Since 2015, we have been supporting the local industry through game jams and other events.

Creators and artists from a wide range of disciplines and all levels work together during a weekend.

Having fun is what matters the most to us and the fact you want to come back again. We work hard to create a diverse and safe event for all of us.

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Video games




Since 2015, we have organized one of the best game jams in Spain. You will meet many professional developers and enthusiasts, not only from Málaga, but also from other places. An incredible opportunity to learn and share experiences.

After the January edition, MálagaJam has been the local headquarters of Global Game Jam for 6 years. It’s the biggest in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe. Besides, we received the 2018, 2019 and  2022 DeVuego Award and for the Best Spanish Game Jam.

What is a game jam?

You have 48 hours to develop a video game or a board game based on a topic we reveal when the event starts. Finally, every team presents their project in public and, after the voting, participants receive their awards.

Having experience in developing is not necessary. Besides, it is ok if you come on your own because the beginning of the event is centered in setting up the groups according to your abilities: developing, drawing, composing, modeling, writing or telling jokes!

Board games

Playing is what we like! It does not matter if it is digital or not. That is why board games are very welcome to MálagaJam.

Board game creation drives creativity in an exceptional way, as it involves the design of balanced and engaging game systems, as well as the execution of the theme with captivating narratives.

We are committed to diversity

One of our main goal is to encourage gender, functional, ethnic and sexual orientation diversity. Our facilities enable access to those with their mobility reduced and we make sure it is a safe place for everyone.

We work with associations such as Femdevs and Gaymer which, during the event, are present to give advice about representation. Both of them give the award to the most representative game.

MálagaJam Junior

If you are between 14 and 18 years old, and you are interested in joining during the weekend and sharing space with other creators of your age, the Junior Section is for you!

Of course, it is completely possible to participate in the general section if that is what you want. In this jam, talent is what matters and not age.

Open 24h now!

This year and thanks to Polo Nacional of Digital Contents and the cession of Telefónica Málaga 42 space you will be able to spend the night there.

For those who want to spend 48 hours developing their project during the MálagaJam Weekend, there are prepared places to rest. The ideal thing to do might be carrying your own sleeping-bag in case you want to sleep close to your setup as well as keeping it hygienic thanks to the provided facilities.

The room is limited, so you must confirm your assistance by mail info@malagajam.com. The minors cannot stay in these rest areas, because they have their own timetable.

Charlitas Deluxe

This year we have a special program called Charlitas Deluxe. The Thursday before the event starts, we will give presentations delivered by colleagues who are part of the industry already working at well-known video game studios.

This small event is just an excuse to meet each other before the jam starts, but also a great occasion for learning useful information about the sector. Some of the studios which will take part in it are Andrea Latorre from Crema Games, Eva María Pérez from Tequila Works, Daniel Fernández from Gameloft Barcelona and Angel Poulain from Under The Bed Games.

These Charlitas Deluxe will start at 17:00h the 28th of July at Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales. The assistance is up to the maximum seating capacity and you can also assist even if you have not ticket for the game jam.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

If you can’t make it, you will be able to watch it streamed live on our Twitch channel.


15:00 Opening and check-in

16:30 Presentation

17:00 Start of development

21:00 Dinner

02:00 Closing access **


08:00 Opening*

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Project registration Itch.io

21:00 Dinner

02:00 Closing access **


08:00 Opening*

13:00 Sending teasers deadline

14:30 Lunch

15:00 Upload projects Itch.io deadline

16:00 Presentations and voting

20:00 Awards ceremony

*For the participants of the Junior Jam the opening time will be at 10:00
**For the participants of the Junior Jam, the time of return home will be at 23:00

Don’t forget:

  • A computer
  • Your usual software installed
  • Other tools
  • Power strips and a plug adapter if necessary

We provide:

  • Lunchs and dinners
  • A place to work
  • Internet
  • T-shirt!
  • Merchandising presents 😎
How can I get there?

The event takes place at Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales. The fastest routes are lines 7 and 15 of the EMT bus. The closest underground stations are El Torcal and Princesa Huelin.

Polo Nacional also offers free parking during the event.

Travel & Accommodation

Do you come from outside Málaga?
We have special discounts in Renfe and hostels. Contact us by mail (info@malagajam.com) to learn the details.

nos vemos las caritas en la próxima MálagaJam Weekend 17 del 26 al 28 de enero de 2024 🥳