Frequently asked questions


Hi! We are a non-profit association in Malaga that tries to promote the video game scene at a national level. We are about 20 volunteers who give their free time to make events and meetings that serve as a meeting point for people passionate about videogame development.

It's a 48-hour time-limited meeting where people get together in teams and develop a game from scratch with a defined theme at the beginning. We're pretty good at organising them, hehe.


We organise two (2) Weekends a year, one at the end of January (coinciding with the Global Game Jam) and one at the end of July. As the dates get closer we will be posting information on our Discord and social networks. Also, MalagaJam Weekend is not the only activity we do, so keeping up to date is always a good option.

Tickets can be purchased through Entradium, about two months before the event. In our social networks and Discord we announce the release date of the tickets so you don't miss it.

We've had a rather disproportionate growth these last editions, and we don't want to increase the number of participants because our main goal is your comfort. Ideally you should always keep an eye on the MálagaJam Discord and our social networks where we will announce the next events with all the information about ticket sales.

Your ticket to the Weekend includes your workspace, electricity, internet, showers, rest area, dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday, along with the rest of care during the weekend (fruit, snack, tea, coffee... etc). In addition to a merchandising pack at the entrance which will include t-shirts, totes or other prints of the poster of the edition, plus some extra surprises.

Tickets can be returned free of charge up to 14 days before the event. After that we cannot manage changes due to logistical issues, although we always appreciate being notified in case you are unable to attend. To return your ticket send us an email to and we will contact you.

No. Tickets are nominative and there is a waiting list that will be followed when allocating tickets. ID will be requested at the entrance of the event (we also want to avoid ticket resale, which is not cool at all).

Game jam

The check-in for our game jam starts on Friday at 15:30h, after which the gala presentation and unveiling of the mystery theme begins. After that time you can arrive later, although we appreciate a previous notice to to know that we have to wait for you.

At the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales, Málaga (surprise :O). Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15.

To participate in a MálagaJam Weekend, you will need to be over 14 years old, providing a signed authorisation from your legal guardians. Minors are not allowed to stay overnight at the event and its opening hours are from 8:00h to 23:00h.

Yes! We have discounts for Renfe trains that you can download here.

No, it is not necessary. During the 48 hours of the event you can stay as long as you want in the space, but it is not compulsory. That is, you can take a nap at home if you want. And take a shower.

There are a number of beds in the Telefónica 42 Málaga space, but they are limited and cannot be reserved. Ideally, if you are staying overnight, bring your own sleeping bag, blankets, pillow and sleeping mask. You will be able to spend the night near your workspace with your colleagues, it's basically as if you were at a Lan Party. We strongly recommend bringing a mask and earplugs. The lights are very bright, they don't turn off and there are people making noise. If you prefer we also have discounts in a hostel, ask for them at

Yes! There are showers in the space provided by Telefónica 42 that everyone can access. It is usually used on a first come, first served basis and it has always worked well 😀.

Friday dinner (pizza!), Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch. There will also be bread and toast for breakfast (gluten free!). Throughout the day there will be water, tea, milk, coffee, fruit, snacks, sweets...

We are very aware of the needs in terms of food, so we will need to know in advance what we need when we offer lunches and dinners. In the registration form to participate in the jams, you will find a form where you can specify your case. If you would like to provide additional information, please write to

Everything you are going to use: Computer, peripherals, screen, cables, sleeping mask, earplugs, etc. The workspace is provided by MálagaJam, you bring the tools. If you need any equipment, please contact us at although we have very limited equipment and can't guarantee anything, we will always try to help!

Of course you can! The game jam is open to everyone who wants to participate, you can play solo games, and we also have a Discord channel where you can search for a team. At the start of the event we also do a team building for people who haven't been able to find teammates yet, we'll help you!

You can't take ANYTHING with peanuts in it because of allergies. This is very serious. No animals either, please.

There's nothing to worry about. You don't need to have previous knowledge or have developed games before to participate, you just need to come with a desire to learn and have fun (and take into account the rest of the things in the FAQ :3).

No problem! A game jam is a great opportunity to get started. In this kind of events you are not required, but you are given the opportunity to learn new skills related to music, design, programming, storytelling... and at the end you have a videogame that you have collaborated to bring to life.

No, you are free to make the game with the tools of your choice (excluding generative AIs and cryptos / NFTS).

There is a wide variety of game making tools available for you to experiment with until you find the one you like the most. Here is a list of some of them, all of them free!

For programming: RPGMaker Lite, Unity3D, Godot Engine, Unreal...
For music: Musagi, SunVox, Musescore, Audacity...
For design: Blender, Pickle, PyxelEdit...

Generative? No. There is a lot of talent coming to events, at our events we will always support artists by collaborating and working together. If you want to have an NPC that moves, of course you can program an Artificial Intelligence :D.

All the people you will see wearing the MálagaJam Weekend organiser t-shirts (black with the design of the edition) you will also recognise us by the pink accreditation rope. The organisers are people from the MálagaJam association, FemDevs and La Madriguera, we will help you in any way we can!

We have access to a recording room with chroma key, a soundproof room to record audio, virtual reality glasses... Although you have to book it through and it is not sure that we will have it at the moment you ask for it! As always, we will try to help as much as possible.

On Sunday at 15:00h the games will be handed out and shortly after we will start our presentation gala before starting the fun part: playing them. Remember also that it is important to rest and do not overexert yourself to finish the game 🙏🏼.

We don't have cash prizes so as not to encourage competition. Our idea is to create a space for collegiality and generate a good atmosphere when creating videogames. There are some symbolic trophies in certain categories that will be awarded according to the votes of the people who participate.

The main attraction of the MálagaJam Weekend is the atmosphere and the connection with participants in the face-to-face format. We don't organise anything for online-only teams as they won't receive the same care, which is basically our greatest value. However, if the majority of your team is participating onsite you can join remotely (no ticket is required and we don't send merchandising to people participating online).

During the development time only people with tickets will be allowed access. However, we will broadcast on Twitch certain days and moments of the jam, and on Sunday from 17:30h you can come and try the games of this edition 😀.


A meeting we do twice a year at Drunk-o-Rama to talk about videogames and have an excuse to see each other. It's a small local meeting between our game jams.

It is a series of talks that we do on the Thursday before the Weekends start. It starts at around 17:00h, and takes place in the same place as the event, the National Digital Content Hub.

It is a series of talks that we do on the Thursday before the Weekends start. It starts at around 17:00h, and takes place in the same place as the event, the National Digital Content Hub.

Intellectual property

The games, ideas, art, code and concepts that a team develops during MálagaJam Weekend will be the property of the members of that team.
MálagaJam does not impose any restrictions on the further development of the games by the participants. By participating, you agree that MálagaJam may use the video games, images or videos for promotional or demonstration purposes.


For any questions you can contact us through Discord or send us an e-mail to