Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About us

Malagajam is a non-profit association for video games developers which is based in Malaga. Our goal is to promote the culture and the professionalization of the video game industry, encouraging the links between the different disciplines in it. 

The live events (jams, workshops, curses, talks, etc.) are in-person, but the advantages of this association are enabled to any video game enthusiast. 

What is a game jam?

It is an exciting encounter of developing and creativity where the participants (from any discipline and level) work together to create a video game during a weekend. 

The participants form small groups and develop the project in 48 hours. 

Sticking to the given topic is the only condition. Musicians, artists, designers and developers of any age and profile are welcome to this event.

About the Event

When is the next event?

It will take place the 28th, 29th and 30th of July 2023, from Friday to Sunday. You can check the dates on our principal web. MalagaJam Weekend is celebrated every 6 months approximately.

What about the timetable?

Opening: Friday at 15:00h

Closure: Sunday at 20:00h

Don’t forget about your sleeping hours! It is important to rest and from 2am we will not be able to answer questions and doubts. We will be resting. Don’t forget about resting too!

Can I join?

To assist, being more than 14 is necessary and in case you are a minor, a legal permission is required.

The event is in-person at the facilities provided by Polo Nacional of Digital Contents. The ticket costs 10 euros and it includes the entry, meals and dinners during the weekend, a t-shirt, credentials, a work space and Internet.

Everyone is welcome despite their experience. Especially if it is your first video game, in a jam you will experience the whole process of creation (fun and tears included) and you will learn so much.

The most important thing is meeting people, learning and having fun!

Besides, our team is available for you in case you need help.

What do I have to carry

For sure, you will need a computer, laptop or pc. You can carry anything you need to work as an artist, writer, developer, game designer or musician.

Remember you share the work space, so do not carry speakers, just earphones instead. Do not forget multipliers to connect all your devices.

If you never created a video game, here you have some examples of engines:
Unity, Game Maker, Unreal, Bitsy, Twine, Construct, Scratch, Godot… and a list of resources for all disciplines designed by the Global Game Jam team. Do not forget paper and pencil!

You can use any tool, but the content must be created during the event. In fact, although creating video games is the most usual, you might also design a board game.

When the event starts, we will devote a time to encourage the creation according to the capabilities and knowledge of the groups with different dynamics.

The organization will help to form the groups according to your profiles. This is part of the experience, but we also accept groups already formed.
It does not matter if you do not have experience, everyone has something to contribute!

What is the topic of the game?

The topic will remain secret until the event starts!

Are there prizes?

Our Game Jam’s main idea is to spend a wonderful weekend learning and spending time as a community experience. We do not provide financial prizes in order to avoid possible toxic competitive behavior.
Despite that, in order to show our appreciation for your work, we vote project to reward those according to the following categories:

  • Best Game Category
  • Sound Category
  • Game Design Category
  • Visual Category
  • Narrative Design Category
  • Special Award


The results will not be shared to create a competitive environment. The prizes are symbolic, because we do believe that the value of this jam is the experience of working together.

The prizes are small 3D trophies so you can carry them home and remember this beautiful weekend.

What does the ticket include?

The entry inscription costs 10 euros which gives you access to lunch/dinner and merchandising. We remind you that the number of tickets are limited and in case of being part of a group which has already been formed, we recommend buying the tickets at the same time to make sure every member can participate.

The entry ticket provides the expenses of Friday’s dinner, Saturday’s lunch and dinner and Sunday’s lunch. There are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and non-allergic meals available.

We also provide coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and fruits to make your jam more pleasant. We remind you that carrying your credentials is compulsory to access these benefits.

The adult participants can stay the night at Polo Nacional of Digital Contents, although you will not be able to access the facilities after 2 am. We recommend carrying your own sleeping-bags. The place provides shower rooms as well.

In case of not assisting in person, the merchandising related to the buy will be donated to the association.

Intellectual property:

All games, ideas, art, concepts and programming developed during the event fully belong to the developers of the game. MálagaJam does not declare any restriction on further development of the game. By participating, you accept that we can use pictures or videos with promotional or demonstration purposes.


You can contact us by Twitter @MalagaJam or send us an email to info@malagajam.com.

nos vemos las caritas en la próxima MálagaJam Weekend 17 del 26 al 28 de enero de 2024 🥳